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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  April 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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take a look at this as a severe storm system that spawned tornados is moving across the midwest. and it will be here later today. when you'll see the storms in your neighborhood. also, breaking news. at least one teenager is dead, four others seriously hurt in an early morning crash. the lurking danger that caused the deadly wreck. too close for comfort. the air traffic controller's mistake forcing a plane carrying the first lady to abort its landing at andrews air force base. i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. it is wednesday, april 20th. a live look outside right now. skies look to be pleasant. 60 degrees. but that will not be the case later today, huh? >> a scene of tranquility now. later it could get loud and stormy. right now it is quiet and settled. we have patchy dense fog farther to our west in maryland, virginia, panhandle of west virginia, washington county, loudon county. closer to washington, though, no
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fog, as well as southern maryland, around the bay where there's warmer temperatures. rye now low 50s in washington, nearby suburbs. parts of frederick and washington county near zero as well as panhandle of west virginia. strong storms in the midwest that produced 32 tornados reports yesterday and last night, those storms are beginning to diminish thankfully. we still have counties under a tornado watch. those counties in yellow from west virginia down into eastern tennessee. and there's the scene over the potomac river which is as calm as a mill pond reflecting the sky and the cloud cover there. we'll have sunrise in about 25 minutes. by 9:00, mid-60s. by noon time, 70s. would have some isolated storms developing off to our west by then. closer to washington, looks like around your neighborhood and closer to the metro area could have storms by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, some of which could produce damaging winds and hail. big changes tonight. much colder. how cold?
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i'll show you that in night planner at 6:11. how is traffic, jerry? loading up rapidly generally from the point just before route 123 over the aquauan river. just volume. no accidents reported ahead of you. head over and look at the north on i-270. very minor delays. one more stop. good news. route 32 at tri delphia road, route 32 reopened in both directions. out to the rails we go. and the good news is metro, no delays. vre, no delays. one very minor delay on marc. it's brunswick 890 >> jerry, thank you. right now breaking news. one teenager is dead and our other teens are injured after a tore risk and violent crash in northern virginia. it happened around 12:30 on
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logmill road near route 15 in haymarket. tracee wilkins was first on the scene and joins us live with the latest. tracee, good morning. >> good morning. five teens were involved in this accident. one of the girls who was in that car has died here on the scene. the investigation is continuing. four other teens involved in that accident were airlifted out of here. we're on logmill road. over that hill is where the investigation is happening. that's where this accident took place. and we're not allowed to get any closer at this point than where we are right now. but you can see the lights flashing over the horizon. we are here on logmill near james madison highway, route 15 in haymarket. this accident occurred probably a little less than a mile from where we're standing right now. police say 12:30 a.m., a vehicle full of kids from battlefield high school struck a deer, lost control, hit a tree. that's what they think happened. that tree totaled the vehicle. there were two boys and three
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girls in the car. one female died on the scene. four other kids were airlifted out. one girl is in critical condition at the hospital. three other kids are now battling nonlife-threatening injuries. >> no notifications have been made at this time. right now we're at the start of our investigation. we're going to do reconstruction this morning. we do have four victims at the hospital. and we have investigators there trying to make i.d.s on the victims involved. >> reporter: now, this is logmill road, route 15. as you can see, logmill is closed right now. that's the case throughout the morning. they're going to need some daylight to wrap up this investigation. i'm tracee wilkins, live in haymarket. back to you in the studio. tracee, thank you. this is the second deadly crash on logmill road in just eight months. two teens were killed on the
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opposite side from this morning's crash. 18-year-old steven dixon lost control of his car and side swiped a oncoming car forcing dixon's car to flip. another passenger and the driver of the other car suffered serious injuries. both speed and alcohol were factors in that crash. federal officials are investigating a possible error by air traffic controllers that caused an air scare for a plane with first lady michelle obama on board. mrs. obama was returning from a tv tape anything new york with vice president joe biden's wife, dr. jill biden. faa says the first lady's plane came very close to a military cargo jet. that was as controllers at a regional facility in warrenton, virginia were handing off the plane to the andrews controllers. >> when presidential aircraft fly they tend to double the separation. instead of five miles that
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should have been there they normally make it 10. in this case it was three to four miles. >> the first lady's plane had to abort its landing. all of this comes after a rash of recent safety incidents involving air traffic controllers. about a half dozen have been suspended for fall asleep on the job. just the other day another controller was caught watching a movie in a control tower. today president obama will be visiting facebook headquarters, the first visiting head of the state to visit the california offices. while there he will participate in a live town hall broadcast on the website. while there, he will participate in a live town hall broadcast on the website and some of facebook's nearly 500 million users will get the opportunity to ask the president some questions. happening today, new terror alert system will officially be implemented across the country. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will unveil the new system in new york. it replaces the color coded system. the new system has two threat levels, elevated and imminent. the revamped system will issue terror alerts through social
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media sites including facebook and twitter. today families of the 11 men killed in last year's deep water horizon explosion will fly over where their family members lost their lives. the service will mark the one-year anniversary of the blast that triggered the worst oil spill in u.s. history. it took nearly three months and billions of dollars to stop the leak. the ceo of bp says its company is changing culture and practices in the wake of that disaster. that includes creating a central safety and operational risk organization. bob dudley also writes in today's wall street journal, quote, we have said we would work to imbed the lessons learned into the fabric of our organization and share those lessons with your industry colleagues and government regulators. new from overnight, a pizza shop employee is in the hospital this morning after his leg got pinned under a large mixer.
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as you can see from the video there, the man got trapped after the mixer fell over, pinning his leg against a wall and some bars. fortunately firefighters were able to get him out of there fairly quickly. he is expected to be ago. 6:08, 56 degrees. the new pictures we received overnight. a look inside the damaged flooded restaurants along the georgetown waterfront. also, there is a reason -- excuse me, if there's a season, i'm sorry, the redskins. we know when they're going to be playing. why the first game, though, will be an emotional one. we're off to a cool start right now. but that will soon change. meteorologis
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county. a live picture from andrews air force base. the sun is not up but it's up 30,000 feet where it's reflecting off clouds there. lavender and pink start to the day over prince george's county. and the temperatures there around 60 degrees. it's in the upper six in southern maryland. near washington, near 50. arlington, fairfax, phopblt goalry as well. it's only in the 40s where there's patchy dense fog. strong storms in the midwest
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have weakened considerably as they're heading off to the east. but they may reintensify as they come through our sky later this afternoon. there's the sky over the potomac river. by 9:00, mid 60s with high clouds in and out. by noon time, off to our west. storms into the metro area after that between 1:00, 2:00, 3:, 4:00. isolated storms with damaging winds with highs before then perhaps reaching the low 80s. then we'll cool down considerably and dry out overnight near 50 by dawn tomorrow. looks like a chance of rain for the weekend. a look at that in 10 minutes. >> tom, we have a problem on interstate 66 inbound along interstate 66 before you get to the capital beltway. a broken down truck taking up the right lane. as a result, we'll pull back and show you delays coming east from route 123 developing quickly. vdot on the scene. they're working as quickly as possible to get that out of the roadway. let's head south on the beltway. both directions around
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eisenhower avenue moving along nicely through the construction zone. travel lanes are open. out to the rails we go. metro, vre, no delays. we do have two minor delays on marc brunswick 874 and 890. craig, eun. >> all right. thanks, jerry. >> 6:13 now. >> 57 degrees outside. >> we have some pictures from overnight showing the damage inside restaurants along the georgetown waterfront. also bike bandits in d.c. caught on
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new this morning we are getting a look at the damage inside one of the restaurants flooded in georgetown. these are pictures of the scene inside washington harbor yesterday.
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it's one of several waterfront businesses to see extensive damage after high tide monday morning. one of the restaurant's co-owners said it was hard to walk inside. >> i mean, everything was in disarray at all three of our restaurants, covered in mud and different debris and everything was all over the place. machinery was turned upside-down. all the different tables were thrown all over the place. >> dean said 50 to 60 employees turned out to help with moving and cleaning which helped immensely. there is no timetable for reopening. if you live in the logan circle area, watch out. police say a group of thieves have been stealing people's bikes. the first incident happened on april 14th. this is surveillance video that shows two men walking into a condominium with a bike. they left with another more expensive bike they had stolen from the garage. a similar theft was carried out just a few days later in the same building. >> it seems to be pretty organized group of individuals that are coming together to kind of hit buildings in this neighborhood and collect as many
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bikes as they can. the bike thefts have been reported to police. they have not released any details about the investigation. police in canada are trying to figure out what or who exactly killed an exchange student attacked on camera. the body of 23-year-old key owe lu was found in her apartment. she was talking to her boyfriend in beijing via webcam when an intruder broke into the apart and attacked her. police say an autopsy failed to show the cause of death and it could be weeks before toxicology tests come back. >> teachers at virginia schools will be awarded cash for good performance. governor bob mcdonald is inviting 57 districts in struggling schools to apply for merit pay funding. they will create an appraisal system used to rate teachers. 40% of that will be tied to student performance. teachers with the highest scores can be awarded $5,000 each. critics of such plans say merit pay initiatives have not boosted student performance. a vote will take place in
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virginia that could allow same-sex couples to adopt children. state social services board is considering regulation that would ban private adoption services from discriminating based on sexual orientation. social services commissioner brown is advising the board to remove that particular part of the proposal. right now virginia only allows married couples and singles to adopt regardless of sexual orientation. it does not allow unmarried couples to adopt at all. it's now 6:18. today the capitals hope to take a commanding three games to one lead with the new york rangers. caps and rangers square off tonight at madison square garden in game 4 of the opening round series. washington won the first two games here at home. the rangers then won game three sunday. puck drops tonight at 6:00. go caps! >> go caps! from ice to the football field.
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nfl released its 2011 schedule, assuming of course there is a 2011 season. here are some of the highlights. opening home against the giants on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. a special ceremony at fedex field during that game. they will take on the arizona cardinals. next week take on the cowboys. that's a monday night game. redskins head north of the border to take on the bills in toronto on october 30th. december could be brutal for the skins. it starts with games against the jets and the patriots. then they play the vikings on christmas eve day. some are saying mcnabb could be center for vikings. this camp being held at a northern virginia high school. and it was not organized by the team. it was put together by the players themselves. they're banned from the redskins park because of nfl lockout. about two dozen players wanted to make sure they stayed in football shape and in sync with
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one another as well. most of the guys haven't been together since the end of the season. >> it was fun, man. we haven't seen these faces since the season let out. to come out here and see the guys, get back to football, get back to normalcy for a little bit. it was a great time. just run around, we had a good time. >> 26 players attended yesterday's practice. even more are expected at today's workout. good to see the guys out there demonstrating some initiative. >> yeah. >> hope there's a season. hope they go. what are you thinking? >> i'll go with 10-6. >> you're so optimistic. >> i'm an internal optimistic. forever redskins fan. can i say i think i said the puck drops at 6:00 for the caps game. it's at 7:00. >> 7:00. and you can catch it on comcast sports nets. >> tell us about the sports headed our way. >> strong storms later this afternoon. don't have any weather problems this morning other than some fog
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that's off in loudon county, frederick county, maryland and virginia. washington county, maryland and into the panhandle of west virginia. visibility near 0 with dense fog. closer to washington, near 50 degrees. and in southern maryland near the bay, prince george's county, it's in the 60s right now. around our recently, we have had a few clouds in and out this morning. but some thickening clouds now moving into the mountains ahead of some showers with a little bit of thunder. thankfully they have weakened a lot. light fog in the air over washington right now. 70s by noon. off to our west, isolated storms. strong storms after that into the metro area are possible. by mid to late afternoon with damaging winds and hail. before then, low 80s briefly. mid-60s and breezy and cooler tomorrow with sunshine. much cooler friday. highs mid-50s. could get some showers. over the weekend as well. passing showers are possible maybe with some thunder on saturday and sunday.
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otherwise, a bit milder. drying out monday and tuesday. how is traffic, jerry? >> in from the west on interstate 66, traffic heavy to the capital beltway where there was a broken down truck in the right lane. that appears to have moved on. there's still a pretty good sized delay through vienna. right at the beltway, i suspect that was the truck stopped in the roadways. there's the metro station, exit for the beltway. smooth sailing after that. again, because the truck had been in the roadway for a short time it is going to be slow headed east. one more stop top side of the beltway, college park to silver spring. pop over and check the rails quickly for you. and so far so good. metro, vre, no delays. marc 872, 874, 890, very minor delays at this point. >> thank you, jerry. 6:22, 55 degrees. pentagon's top secret that also happens to be sweet. we also now know what prince william will be doing during his last night as a single man.
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prince william will soon be a married man, but before that he'll spend quality time with his family. according to britain's the sun, william will spend the last few days before the wedding at his father prince charles's home. his brother and best man prince harry will be there to calm any of those nerves. the men will stay at the clarence house until the morning of the wedding. then william and harry will leave together for the ceremony at westminster abbey.
6:26 am
wow. very exciting. >> i think prince harry has the best gig. >> he really does. news 4 got access to one of the best kept secrets inside the pentagon. >> there's a chocolate shop inside that caters to the armed forces. how the family business is helping troops home for easter have a sweet celebration. hand-dipped strawberries are one of the favorites this time of year. >> do you have a favorite chocolate? >> dark chocolate. yeah. how about you? >> it's good for you. heart healthy. >> anything involving peanut butter. >> a few more days you can have it again. >> coming up next at 6:30, breaking news. a car full of teens involving a violent crash. we were first on the scene and have been talking with police about what caused this crash. severe storms once again rolling across the midwest. the storms are coming out of the i am a sneeze whisperer.
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an early morning crash killing at least one of them. the stretch of road, where this happened, has a tragic history. good morning and welcome back to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin in for joe
6:30 am
krebs on a very busy, april 20th. a strong storm system responsible for this tornado in missouri is headed our way. this video just into our newsroom overnight. cameras were rolling as this tornado destroyed two barns in tkpwolg green. tornados also reported to st. louis. fortunately to this point no reported injuries. right now crews are work to go restore power to thousands of people in illinois. national weather service says a tornado blew through gerard yesterday, dumping golf ball-sized hail and knocking out power. firms say at least 10 homes were destroyed. no one was hurt. the east coast has seen wild weather the past four or five days. >> usually we get the really terrible spring storms in the southern plains. much action twisted east this spring. we could have strong storms later this afternoon, as you mentioned. right now a look at sunrise. all rise, all hail, the sunrise over northeast washington off in the distance the horizon is prince george's county. and we do have temperatures on
6:31 am
the cool side this morning, just near 50 in washington or western northern suburbs. farther west and north, 40s. visibilities down or at or below zero with dense fog. eastern shore, 60s this morning. those showers thankfully and those storms have pretty much weakened considerably as they're heading toward the appalachian mountains. later today we will have them riding. pollen count has soared over 2,000 now. it is mostly oak tree pollen. look at that sunrise over the potomac river. live view from city camera. by 9:00, 60s. by noon time, upper 70s. could have isolated storms 40 or 50 miles west of washington at that time. later this afternoon into the metro area, strong storms, damaging winds and hail possible. night planner at 6:41 >> tom, 270 corridor, very minor slowdown in a couple spots at
6:32 am
109, 118. montgomery village after. wide open down to the beltway. spring break continues for a lot of folks. we're seeing the evidence of that. 395, which typically is crawling, not so bad this morning. no delays once you get to the 14th street bridge. speaking of bridges, suosa inbound and outbound looks good. no hangups on any of the anacostia bridges. metro, vre, no delays. brunswick 872, 874 and 890, minor delays. one teenager is dead, four others hurt after a violent crash in northern virginia around 12:30 logmill road in haymarket. news 4's tracee wilkins first on the scene. she joins us live with more on what happened. tracee? >> good morning, craig. police tell us all five of these kids attended the same high school located just down the road here. over that hill that's where the
6:33 am
investigation is happening. that's where the accident happened. but we can't get any closer than where we are right now. police tell us one female died. four others were airlifted out of here. logmill in haymarket. this accident occurred less than a mile from where we're standing right now. police say at 12:30 a.m. a vehicle full of kids from battlefield high school struck a deer and lost control and hit a tree. that tree totaled the vehicle. two boys, three girls in the car. one female died on the scene. four other kids airlifted out. one girl is in critical condition, according to police. three other kids suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. >> no notifications have been made at this time. right now we're at the start of our investigation. we're going to do reconstruction this morning. we do have four victims at the hospital.
6:34 am
and we have investigators there trying to make i.d.s on the victims involved. now, police are still in the process of i.d.'ing all the kids who were involved. some have figured out and they have made notifications and gotten family members down to the hospital. we understand that the school system is also working with police in this manner. as you can see on route 15 you're not going to be able to turn on to logmill road. they have this road closed off as they're investigating. now we're getting daylight. they hope this will assist in what it is they're trying to see down there. back to you all in the studio, craig. >> all right. tracee, thank you. log mill road has a long history of serious and deadly accidents. in fact, just eight months ago several other battlefield high school students were involved in a deadly accident when they lost control of their car on a hill there. 18-year-old steven dixon and dared mefford were killed in the crash. a week later, a battlefield high
6:35 am
student pulled a man from a hummer that flipped and data fire. if he had not pulled the man from the car he most certainly would have died. and also a woman whose life was saved by organ transplant she received from someone else killed on logmill road. 6:35. this morning a maryland woman is behind bars for allegedly abducting her daughter. news 4 is the only station to talk to the girl's father. the now 21-year-old brianna was sitting in the back seat. >> she's still an 8-year-old to me. it's kind of a shock seeing a daughter after 13 years.
6:36 am
she's a grown woman. she's beautiful. and i'm proud of her. the army private accused of giving classified documents to wikileaks is being moved out of virginia. after eight months at quantico, bradley manning will be transferred to fort leaven worth, kansas. a top pentagon lawyer said the transfer does not suggest his treatment at quantico was inappropriate. military officials say the state of the art facility has more extensive mental, emotional and physical health care available. today loved ones will gather to remember the 11 men killed when the deepwater horizon oil well exploded in the gulf of mexico one year ago today. the blast triggered the worst oil spill in this country's history. jay gray is live in venice, louisiana now where residents are still dealing with the fallout from the disaster. jay, good morning opinion. >> reporter: good morning to you, eun. no question they are still fighting oil. it's been exactly a year since
6:37 am
the tragedy here unfolded, changing so many lives in a matter of a minute. and on this anniversary many are still wondering if their lives will ever get back to the way they were before the spill. >> it has been a full year since the fire now. the explosion that killed 11 crewmen on the deepwater horizon rig. >> one day at a time. i don't plan past a week or two. we just keep moving forward as best we can. >> reporter: for 365 days this region, these people have been fighting the effects of the oil, a battle that is still far from over. >> we have isolated areas where there's still oil washing up from the bottom. grand isle, ellis island. >> reporter: they are still moderately or severely oiled. the loss in tourism revenues is expected to reach $22 billion by next year.
6:38 am
>> it's going to be a battle to get the fishermen back, people back to eating seafood. that is going the take a concentrated effort. >> reporter: there are, though, signs of progress here. fisherman, shrimpers and oystermen are back in the water. and the charter business is slowly building. >> fishing has never been better. seafood is great. >> reporter: for many, a year later it's still a struggle to keep their heads above the water financially. >> if we can give back 30% of what we normally did we'll be -- i know it's crazy to say this, somehow satisfied. because at least we'll be able to do something and pay the bills. >> reporter: if one thing is clear now, it's that getting back to normal is going to take a lot longer than a year. now, look, if we have learned anything in the year since this spill it is that the recovery here is going the take a lot longer. but we also now know the people of the gulf coast are determined and resilient and that few have decided to walk away from this fight. live in venice, louisiana, i'm
6:39 am
jay gray. eun, back to you. >> jay, thanks so much. >> it does not seem like it's been a year already. >> time has gone fast. the government will unveil new rights for airline passengers today. how new rules could put more money in your pocket. >> now there are new plans to extend the icc. >> off to a bit of a cool start. man, look at that view. pretty warm today. we may see storms roll in.
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a golden sunrise. live view from sky watcher camera over northeast washington. temperatures near 50 close to washington and points north and west in the 40s where there's dense fog. farther south and east, we're in the 50s to near 60. upper 60s near the bay and the lower part of the eastern shore. and strong storms out of the midwest thankfully weakened as they approached overnight. they could have storms coming our way later this afternoon. before then reaching the low 80s. isolated storms could produce damaging winds and hail. we will cool down tonight. by this time tomorrow, near 50. jerry, how is traffic? breaking news on the traffic
6:43 am
front on the beltway, northern virginia. just moments ago multicar crash occurred. looks like a rear-ender. i kopbted up to eight vehicles involved in this one. inner loop of the capital beltway approaching route 50 in virginia. these are the vehicles involved. does not appear to be serious. fortunately, however, police have yet to respond. fire and rescue crews headed there. left side of the roadway blocked. inner loop of the beltway, eight-car accident as you approach route 50. top side of the beltway, maryland, accident. outer loop, new hampshire avenue on the maryland side, authorities dealing with an accident. they're actually moving the camera. the accident on the outer loop left lane. quick check of the rails. metro, vre, no delays. brunswick 874 and 892 slightly delayed. eun, craig. >> thank you. 6:43, 55 degrees. air traffic controller's mistake forcing a plane carrying first lady to abort its landing at andrews air force base. charlie sheen show
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
welcome back at 6:46. air traffic controllers again the focus of a federal investigation after a plane carrying first lady michelle obama had to abort its landing. melissa malay is live where it all happened. melissa, good morning. this incident i guess involves more controllers at another facility. >> reporter: that's right. you know, air traffic controller
6:47 am
here at andrews air force base took over from an air traffic controller out of warrenton, virginia. i just spoke with the national transportation safety board. they tell me they do not know yet if they will open a formal investigation into this incident. they say right now they are reviewing the incident and gathering additional information. faa investigators say the planes were far too close monday evening. at one point just three miles apart. the first lady's plane, 737 similar to this one, was coming in for a landing around 5:00 that night when the pilot was told they and a military plane, c-17, were just try close. mrs. obama's plane was forced to circle while the c-17 got out of the way. the fear that the c-17 would create wake turbulence for the first lady's plane like a boat making waves in the water. faa says the planes may have gotten too close because of an error by the air traffic controller i mentioned in warrenton. >> when presidential aircraft through they tend to double the separation. instead of the five miles that should have been there they
6:48 am
normally make it ten. in this case it was three to four miles. >> reporter: of course this just adds to a wake of 'em pwaeurtsing incidents for the faa. controllers initially ordered the first lady's plane to conduct a series of turns to get further away. when that did not work they were be then told to stop descending and start climbing and circle the airport. a statement from the faa says the aircraft were never in any type of danger. live at andrews air force base, news 4, back to you. >> melissa, thank you. new rules for customer service should alleviate some frustrations that passengers have with the airlines. included in the new rules, international flights will no longer be able to hold passengers on the tarmac for longer than four hours. and airlines to refund baggage fees if they lose passenger's luggage. they will receive more money if they get bumped from a flight, as much as $1,300 in some cases. and no longer any hidden fees. airlines have to disclose the
6:49 am
prices of food and any other extras offered. the announcement will be made later today. new rules will go into effect august 23rd. eun? you may notice a new much simpler terror alert system when you go to the airport. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will unveil the new system in new york. it replaces the color coded system put in place after the 9 ~/- 11 terror attacks. the new system has two threat levels, elevated and imminent. the revamped system will issue terror alerts through social media sites including facebook and twitter. intercounty connector is already expanding and will extend to route 1. they will build a new interchange. i-95. the deal settles a lawsuit over a land that the state tried to obtain through eminent domain. they will donate the land in exchange for a variety of road improvements. the project is expected to create about 30,000 jobs and generate nearly $100 million in tax revenue.
6:50 am
and you'll no longer have to fish for quarters in your car if you plan to park in the district. ddot is expanding its pilot pay by phone program to all the city's more than 17,000 meters. the change will take effect in june. to pay for parking you can call a toll free number or use an app ebay wants to buy your broken apple gadgets. nicole, we just can't keep up. >> well, it's an early christmas so we'll take it. dump your iphone phone because that new version indeed is on the way. reports say apple asian suppliers will start production on the next generation iphone in july or august. so we're hearing the device will start shipping coming up in september. so it's expected to run on a faster processor but will look pretty much the same to the current iphone. we have to say that apple, as they typically do in these
6:51 am
situations, is not commenting. stkpwhraobg also making headlines, president obama is taking his deficit-cutting plan to the land of tech billionaires today. silicon valley. he's hosting a i web chat on facebook headquarters this afternoon. the first sitting president to visit the campus of the social networking giant. so that's the latest news, guys out of cnbc. back to you. >> nicole lapin, thank you so much, nicole. >> you're welcome. 3 million people are following him on twitter. >> a few thousand showed up to hear charlie sheen's bizarre, often comical comments. they packed constitution hall last night. yeah, lucky. it's the latest step i should say of his 20-city tour called torpedo of truth d.c.
6:52 am
defeat is not an option. sheen arrived in washington a little more then an hour before the show. one guy saying a waste of money. and another said thought the salahis were more entertaining than sheen. >> not getting good reviews. if defeat is not an option how is he going to deal with tanking shows? >> he's still getting checks. >> i was sleeping and preparing to be alert and awake for you this morning. >> that's right. with an important forecast for us. >> yeah, we do. in fact, could have strong storms. important you pay attention to the forecast as we get into the afternoon hours. right now a look at that lemon yellow sunrise over northeast washington and prince george's county in the district. near 50 in washington. and in arlington, fairfax, and montgomery counties, chillier west and north in the 40s where they have patchy dense fog. southern maryland near the bay it's in the 60s this morning. latest visibilities are near zero in some locations in
6:53 am
frederick and washington counties in maryland. frederick county, virginia, generally around a mile or so. loudon county, near zero. panhandle of west virginia. over the last 12 hours a strong line of storms sweeping in from the midwest is now breaking up quite a bit and weakened considerably. now all of the tornado watches we had out for west virginia dropped. still a few linger anything tennessee for later this morning. those areas that did not get rain yesterday, the pollen count soared. in fact, it quadrupled from the day before. it's mostly oak tree pollen. there's a little light fog in the air over the potomac river. live view from city cameras. 60s this morning. 70s by noon time. low 80s by early afternoon. farther west we could have storms around noon time. closer to washington during the afternoon, mid to late afternoon, isolated storms could produce wind damage and hail. much cooler tonight as we clear out. near 50 by dawn on thursday. bright and sunny. breezy and cool tomorrow with
6:54 am
highs just in the mid-60s. even cooler friday with light rain possible. over the weekend warming up. a chance of showers, isolated thunder showers saturday and sunday. drying out first part of next week. check weather channel on cable. >> tom, start on the beltway northern virginia. there is improving news. the accident inner loop at route 50, accident vehicles moved out. still the left lane closed. an ambulance a has just arrived. as a result, traffic is backing up quickly from the springfield interchange. very changeable situation. so heads-up for that. beltway north of town, there was an accident. outer loop, new hampshire avenue,s that has just moved to the shoulder. although it is a bit slow between i-95 and new hampshire avenue. should find travel lanes open there. a broken down truck along interstate 66 at the beltway. that's cleared. vienna, points east, slow. a lot of stop and go in line to the exit to the capital beltway. metro, vre, no delays.
6:55 am
marc brunswick 874 under 10 minutes. back to you. thanks, jerry. break news out of northern virginia. one teenager is dead and four others injured after what police call a graphic and violent crash. this happened around 12:30 on logmill road in haymarket. tracee wilkins was first o scene and joins us live with more on what happened. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. this daylight is really going to help investigators. there are some things they know just by looking at the scene. they know there was a deer involved in this accident because they saw it there. they know these kids crashed into a tree because that's where the vehicle landed. they're still investigating there over the hill. what they're going to have to figure out, if there were any other contributing factors to this crash. one female died on the scene. four others airlifted. this happened logmill road, near 15. the road is still closed. they're still work to go identify all the kids who were involved in this crash and notify their family.
6:56 am
tracee wilkins live this morning. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thanks for that update. >> 6:55, news 4 kimberly suiters with this morning's top stories. >> reporter: hey, good morning, craig. the restaurants at washington harbor are still close to business this morning and here's why. these pictures from tony and joe's on the washington harbor in georgetown. the owner said it was hard to walk inside, although dozens of employees helped to clean up. there's no timetable for reopening this morning. right now crews are work to go restore power to thousands of people in illinois. strong storms dumped golf ball-sized hail. national weather service reported a tornado in gerard, illinois. this home one of 10 destroyed. everything but the fridge. amazingly, no injuries are reported. one year ago today, the deepwater horizon oil well explosion. victims family members gathered in houston for a private memorial. today fishermen back on the water facing a public perception problem about the safety of gulf
6:57 am
water seafood. redskins will open against the skwraoeupgiants on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. hey, there's a solution to the 2011 season. just play the whole thing in another country. how will that go over? craig and eun, abouting to you. >> thanks so much, kimberly. appreciate it. that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be right back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. hope you'll join us then. until then, have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow.
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